spring and summer tour pictures
int'l tour 2008 int'l tour 2010 int'l tour 2010 winter tour 2010 int'l tour 2010 int'l tour 2010 at a university known for its outstanding a cappella community, mixed company represents the best yale has to offer. the group boasts incredibly talented singers and the most diverse repertoire on campus, featuring jazz, rock, musical theater, rhythm and blues, and pop. rush

Mixed Company's Guide to Surviving Rush at Yale

Dear Class of 2017,

Welcome! We know the first semester of Yale is a busy time. You have extra-curricular bazaars to attend, dinner plans to organize, and classes to shop — in addition to this thing called rush. Well, don't worry. We're here to help.

Your Rush Managers

Tom, Lily, and Dayrin are your guides on this journey; They'll meet you at auditions, guide you through the rush process, and help you out with anything you need. Feel free to e-mail them with questions about rush, Mixed Co, Yale, or life in general. Check out their bios for more information!

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Rush in Five Easy Steps

One. Rush begins at the Woolsey Jam, where each group performs two songs that demonstrate their musical ability and style. The Dwight Hall Jam later that week is your chance to sign up to audition for the groups of your choice.

Two. Auditions begin just a couple days after Dwight, but don't worry — they're a fun, low-key affair that helps us get to know you as a singer.

Three. Rush Meals are a chance for us to get to know you as a person (and vice versa). At some point between callbacks and auditions, you may be invited to meet with us to grab a meal and chat; feel free to ask us anything you want to know.

Four. Singing Dessert is Mixed Company's rush concert, where we'll sing a full-length set for you over food, drink, and entertainment. Watch out for special instructions in your invitation!

Five. Last but not least is Tap Night, a spectacle steeped in tradition. The date of the event is a secret, but you'll be forewarned by the large a cappella dinners in various dining halls.

Audition Information

The audition is your first real step in the rush process; it's your chance to show us what you can do! We'll start off with some warm-ups to test your range and hear your tone. Then, you'll perform a prepared solo of your choice. It can be from whatever genre you like, as long as you feel comfortable with it.

Mixed Company's auditions also include a blending exercise featuring a Mixed Co arrangement of the Irish ballad "Danny Boy." You'll learn one of the parts of the song and sing it with a quartet from the group.

Important Dates for Rush 2012

Woolsey Jam
August 25 at 10:30pm, Woolsey Hall
Dwight Jam
August 28 at 10:30pm, Dwight Hall
August 30–September 1, Trumbull Room (in Branford College)
Singing Dessert
September 6 at 9:00pm, Off Broadway Theater
September 7-8, Trumbull Room (in Branford College)
Tap Night
Sometime on the week of September 8–14

Rush Rules & the SGC

A cappella rush at Yale is regulated by an organization called the Singing Group Council. The rush rules are available at the SGC Website.

What You'll Need: The Audition Checklist

Tap Night 2011