spring and summer tour pictures
int'l tour 2008 int'l tour 2010 int'l tour 2010 winter tour 2010 int'l tour 2010 int'l tour 2010 at a university known for its outstanding a cappella community, mixed company represents the best yale has to offer. the group boasts incredibly talented singers and the most diverse repertoire on campus, featuring jazz, rock, musical theater, rhythm and blues, and pop.

Meet Mixed Company

Touring Members

Austin Haynesworth

Austin Haynesworth

Cleveland, OH

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Caroline Rouse

Caroline Rouse

St. Louis, MO
Soprano II

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Tim Creavin

Tim Creavin

Nashville, TN

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Joyce Shi

Joyce Shi

Thousand Oaks, CA
Alto I

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Moriah Rahamim

Moriah Rahamim

Cleveland, OH
Alto II

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Sam Goldstein

Sam Goldstein

Troy, VA
Tenor II

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Sonya Prasad

Sonya Prasad

Roslyn Heights, NY
Alto II

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Luke Johnson

Luke Johnson

Lexington, MA

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Dayrin Jones

Dayrin Jones

Lewisburg, TN
Tenor II

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Alyssa Miller

Alyssa Miller

Greenwood Village, CO
Alto II

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Lily Shoretz

Lily Shoretz

New York, NY
Alto I

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Thomas Stilwell

Tom Stilwell

Staten Island, NY
Tenor I

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Alexander Michaud

Alexander Michaud

Manchester, NH

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Jenny Nathans

Jenny Nathans

Ann Arbor, MI
Soprano I

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Aaron Troncoso

Aaron Troncoso

New York, NY

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Sarah Chapin

Sarah Chapin

Vienna, VA
Soprano II

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Charlie Bardey

Charlie Bardey

New York, NY
Tenor II

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Zak Kayal

Zak Kayal

Greenwood Village, CO
Tenor I

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McKay Nield

McKay Nield

Kimberly, ID
Tenor II

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Mary Bolt

Mary Bolt

Hillsborough, CA
Alto I

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David Blumenthal

David Blumenthal

Greenwich, CT

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Sara Hendel

Sara Hendel

Los Angeles, CA
Soprano II

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Anna Miller

Anna Miller

Needham, MA
Soprano I

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Sam Genecin

Sam Genecin

New Haven, CT

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McKay Where Are the CDs? Nield



  • Clip: Lollipop
  • Year: Davenport 2012+2 (Whiffs 2013)
  • Major: Loveology
  • Hometown: Kimberly, ID
  • Positions: Photographer '10-'11, Shticktator '11-'12
  • Interests: Circus peanuts, colors, precipitation, contemporary things, loud things, thrift stores, humans, hugs not drugs, and the Argentine tango
  • Favorite Music: Alternativepianorock indiecrunkpopopera
  • Fun Fact: If McKay were a McDonald's sandwich, he would be a McNield. And you would eat him.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Staging an emotional break-up scene with Yael in a grocery store on spring tour while making a midnight run for cookie dough and cheese balls. Also, Esther falling off a stage mid-song.

Mary All Nuts, no Bolt



  • Clip: Ready for Love
  • Year: Jonathan Edwards 2014
  • Major: Meteorology
  • Hometown: Hillsborough, CA
  • Positions: Musical Director '12-'13, Int'l Tour Manager '12, Summer Tour Manager '11, Head Rush Manager '11, Head Winter Tour Manager '11
  • Interests: laughing hysterically, Taoism, Milan Kundera, Drinking Out of Cups, camp, SF Giants
  • Favorite Music: Tracy Chapman, Ozomatli, Tech N9ne, Nickel Creek, Joanna Newsom, Iron & Wine
  • Fun Fact: Mary was named "Most likely to join a hippie commune and be seen frolicking in a field wearing tie dye" in her senior yearbook.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: TAP NIGHT.

Sara Too Hot to Hendel



  • Clip: Stars and the Moon
  • Year: Davenport 2014
  • Major: Paleontology and Taxidermy
  • Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
  • Positions: Rush Manager '11, Webmaster '11-'12, Assistant Business Manager '11-'12, Album Producer '12-'13, Shticktator '12-'13
  • Interests: LA Lakers, theater, Judd Apatow and crew, Netflix, giggling
  • Favorite Music: Britney Spears, Elvis Presley, Kid Cudi, John Mayer, Queen, Stephen Sondheim
  • Fun Fact: When Sara was 7, while all the other little girls dressed up like princesses for Halloween, she dressed up as Ghostface from Scream. She got lots of candy that year.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Being tackled into a snow bank by Kyle, Chris, and Mary during one of New Haven's seventy million snow storms and frolicking in said bank for an hour.

Anna One in a Miller



  • Clip: Once I Had a Sweetheart
  • Year: Pierson 2014
  • Major: Whittling
  • Hometown: Needham, MA
  • Positions: Webmaster '12-'13, Musical Director '11-'12
  • Interests: Animation, Desserts, Crosswords, John Steinbeck, Big Bird, Scrabble, Playing Cards
  • Favorite Music: Adele, Jason Mraz, Ella Fitzgerald
  • Fun Fact: Anna's Ke$ha spirit animal is a Panther.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Getting the Bowling Alley to put on cosmic bowling by singing songs for them.

David It's Blu-raining Blumenthal



  • Year: Trumbull 2014
  • Major: Animal Husbandry
  • Hometown: Greenwich, CT
  • Positions: Alumni Coordinator '12-'13, Historian '12-'13
  • Interests: Romances, Bromances, Bagels, Ian Graves, The Great Indoors, Grilling, Music, Politics, The Ancient World, Shakespeare, Baseball
  • Favorite Music: Anything with soul
  • Fun Fact: When David lived in Paris one summer, gym membership prices were so high that he decided not to join one but to sneak into the Saint Jacques Marriott on 14th and use theirs! He got caught a month later.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Despite being a freshbagel, David somehow ended up with a huge room all to himself on Parents Weekend Retreat.

Austin His Front's So Good I Wonder What His Be- Haynesworth


Musical Director


  • Year: Branford 2014
  • Major: Divination
  • Hometown: Cleveland, OH
  • Positions: Musical Director '13-'14, Spring Tour Manager '13, Summer Tour Manager '13
  • Interests: Classical music, a cappella, biology, East Asian languages
  • Favorite Music: Regina Spektor, Death Cab for Cutie, The Killers, Tchaikovsky, Brahms
  • Fun Fact: Austin has played classical violin for 14 years.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Parents Weekend Concert 2011

Tim what everyone's Creavin



  • Year: Berkeley 2015
  • Major: Color Coordination
  • Hometown: Nashville, TN
  • Positions: Schticktator '13-'14, Performance Director '12-'13, Head Spring Tour Manager '13, Winter Tour Manager '13
  • Interests: Honey Bunches of Oats, Wheat Thins, Peanut Butter, Diet Peach Snapple, Nutella
  • Favorite Music: Bon Iver, Burial, Damien Rice, Sigur Ros, Arcade Fire
  • Fun Fact: Tim has a strong aversion to baggy pants. ("It's just too much material, ya know?")
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Bar-hopping in Quito during Ecuador Tour.

Sam we've struck Goldstein


Business Manager


  • Year: Branford 2015
  • Major: Sanitation
  • Hometown: Troy, VA
  • Positions: Business Manager '13-'14, Rush Manager '12, Assistant Business Manager '12-'13, Head Spring Tour Manager '13
  • Interests: HORSES, My Pretty Pony, The Denver Broncos, The movies Seabiscuit and Spirit
  • Favorite Music: Ed the Singing Horse
  • Fun Fact: Sam's favorite mythical creatures are centaurs, Pegasus, and unicorns
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Riding horses with Mixed Co.

Caroline can't help but a- Rouse



  • Year: Pierson 2015
  • Major: Global Affairs
  • Hometown: St. Louis, MO
  • Positions: Head Summer Tour Manager '14, Solo Coach '13-'14, Rush Manager '12, Head Winter Tour Manager '13
  • Interests: baby grand pianos, pancakes, J.D. Salinger, boots, hot tea, Spanish, golfing
  • Favorite Music: The Beatles, Vampire Weekend, Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Adele
  • Fun Fact: Caroline's secret ambition is to become a whale trainer.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Climbing a waterfall in Ecuador!

Moriah by the power of Rahamim



  • Year: Silliman 2015
  • Major: Cartoon History
  • Hometown: Cleveland, OH
  • Positions: Summer Tour Manager '14, Webmaster '13-'14, Alumni Coordinator '13-'14, Business Manager '12-'13
  • Interests: Parkour, sunshine, running, salsa dancing, pocket watches, big bear hugs, mutter paneer
  • Favorite Music: Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Armik, Michael Buble, Janis Joplin, Joao Gilberto, Arik Einstein, Mariza, Juanes, Yasmin Levy
  • Fun Fact: Moriah can pogo stick with no hands and walk on stilts
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Sleepovers with Timmy :D

Joyce should sell seashells by the seashore, shouldn't Shi



  • Year: Davenport 2015
  • Major: Flying
  • Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA
  • Positions: Assistant Musical Director '12-'13, Head Summer Tour Manager '13, Head Rush Manager '12, Winter Tour Manager '13
  • Interests: Stroopwafels, music, being the best bad Asian female driver, and In 'n Out
  • Favorite Music:Anything with words and without screaming
  • Fun Fact: Joyce can't stick out her tongue.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Coming to the realization that Mary and Sara love the Swan Princess too. Then breaking into song. This is her idea of fun.

Luke when you're cold in Wisconsin, put your long Johnson



  • Year: Saybrook 2016
  • Major: Transfiguration
  • Hometown: Lexington, MA
  • Positions: Head Spring Tour Manager '14, Assistant Musical Director '13-'14
  • Interests: Experimental Theater (Punchdrunk), Miranda Sings, Japanese food, Anthropology, Miyazaki movies, Will & Grace, Virginia Woolf, Kristen Wiig
  • Favorite Music:Bernhoft, Norah Jones, Beyoncé, Ben l'Oncle Soul, Regina Spektor, Corinne Bailey Rae
  • Fun Fact: Luke only eats fish if its raw.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Disney movie nights in Kyle's movie theater :)

Dayrin mojo jo- Jones



  • Year: Ezra Stiles 2016
  • Major: Paint-by-Number
  • Hometown: Lewisburg, TN
  • Positions: Rush Manager '13, Performance Director '13-'14
  • Interests: Chocolate, Once Upon A Time, dancing
  • Favorite Music: R&B, electro
  • Fun Fact: Had vocal paralysis for a year
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Taking an underwear pic with moriah at hot cookie!

Alyssa there's no one si- Miller



  • Year: Pierson 2016
  • Major: Mime Studies
  • Hometown: Greenwood Village, CO
  • Positions: Head Winter Tour Manager '14, Assistant Business Manager '13-'14
  • Interests: Football, theater, Marilyn Monroe, English literature, weekends, and toaster strudel
  • Favorite Music: The Smiths, Noah and the Whale, anything country, Maroon 5, The Lumineers, and broadway power ballads
  • Fun Fact: Alyssa used to do the flying trapeze.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Watching the monkey's at the San Diego zoo with Mary!

Sonya news of the emperor's tragic accident made the em- Prasad



  • Year: Timothy Dwight 2015
  • Major: Fencing
  • Hometown: Roslyn Heights, NY
  • Positions: Spring Tour Manager '14
  • Interests: The environment, taking photos, having photos taken, red velvet cupcakes and dancing on tables
  • Favorite Music: Ellie Goulding, classical music, Etta James, soul and sappy songs
  • Fun Fact: Sonya can sound like a man. She used to sing tenor I, in case you were wondering.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Impromptu singing at a diner for milkshakes! And Jenky Hodja, nuff said.

Lily just saved 15% on her car in- Shoretz



  • Year: Trumbull 2016
  • Major: The Dark Arts
  • Hometown: New York, NY
  • Positions: Rush Manager '13, Winter Tour Manager '14
  • Interests: Red lipstick, theater, stand-up comedy, food blogs, hedgehogs, The New York Times magazine section, subway surfing, contemporary art, riot grrrl feminism, cuddling
  • Favorite Music: Regina Spektor, Bon Iver, Death Cab for Cutie, Mumford and Sons, Ingrid Michaelson, Bernadette Peters
  • Fun Fact: Lily's family's apartment was a pants factory in the early 1900's.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Snuggling and watching Disney movies. Always.

Tom more of a raging river than a Stilwell



  • Year: Saybrook 2016
  • Major: Finding Waldo
  • Hometown: Staten Island, NY
  • Positions: Head Rush Manager '13, Spring Tour Manager '14, Schticktator '13-'14
  • Interests: Theatre, Comedy, Hot Chocolate, Awkwardness, Breakfast, Being a Little Kid Forever
  • Favorite Music: Smash, Florence and the Machine, Fleetwood Mac, Haley Reinhart, Sara Bareilles, Songs that he heard before they were popular
  • Fun Fact: Tom was raised in the Kalahari Desert.....by a family of meerkats.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Driving for hours along the Pacific Coast Highway with Mixed Co and not being bored for a single second.

Alexander -- Michaud



  • Year: Berkeley 2016
  • Major: Cup-Stacking
  • Hometown: Manchester, NY
  • Positions: Fresh Bagel
  • Interests: Vikings, Allen Ginsberg
  • Favorite Music: ZZ Top, John Lennon, barbershop quartets
  • Fun Fact: Alexander once worked as a professional beard for high-profile public officials
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: No-shave November with Mixed Co

Jenny -- Nathans



  • Year: Branford 2017
  • Major: Miranda Studies
  • Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
  • Positions: Fresh Bagel
  • Interests: snacks, cats, Nicholas Cage, jazz flute
  • Favorite Music: The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkle, Beyonce, First Aid Kit, Sara Bareilles
  • Fun Fact: Jenny can do a mean impression of a fire alarm
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: singing in the rain at retreat!!!

Aaron -- Troncoso



  • Year: Jonathan Edwards 2017
  • Major: Thumb Wrestling
  • Hometown: New York, NY
  • Positions: Fresh Bagel
  • Interests: The first sip of peach Snapple, vegetarian sushi, the backcountry, a little bit of chicken fried, cold beer on a friday night, a pair of jeans that fit just right, the radio up, scheming
  • Favorite Music: Old Kanye, Bob Dylan, the Roots, Fitz and the Tantrums, Jack Johnson, Mat Kearney, Daft Punk, Frank Ocean, Of Monsters and Men, Avicii, Kendrick
  • Fun Fact: Moonlights as president of The Human Fund
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Busking in Union Square for thousands of adoring fans (+harmonica man)

Sarah -- Chapin



  • Year: Berkeley 2017
  • Major: Camel Racing
  • Hometown: Vienna, VA
  • Positions: Fresh Bagel
  • Interests: Theatre, scarves, Golden Oreos, Sherlock Holmes, shoes, Game of Thrones, Diet Coke
  • Favorite Music: Jason Robert Brown, Barenaked Ladies, Glen Hansard, Robyn, Sara Bareilles
  • Fun Fact: Before age 15, Sarah had played as many male roles as female ones.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Receiving my first Secret Angela gift from Alyssa!

Charlie -- Bardey



  • Year: Silliman 2017
  • Major: Origami
  • Hometown: New York, NY
  • Positions: Fresh Bagel
  • Interests: Juicy Pear Jelly Beans, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, this gif
  • Favorite Music: Dirty Projectors, St. Vincent, Beach House, Beck, Fleet Foxes, LCD Soundsystem, Animal Collective, Janis Joplin, The Kills, Lykke Li, Robyn, M.I.A., Sleigh Bells
  • Fun Fact: I own an autographed picture of Paris Hilton.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Being replaced by the harmonica man while busking in New York.

Zak -- Kayal



  • Year: Trumbull 2017
  • Major: Muggle Studies
  • Hometown: Greenwood Village, CO
  • Positions: Fresh Bagel
  • Interests: Kettle corn, Jenny's high notes, politics, One Direction, naps, "YAAAAAAS"
  • Favorite Music: Bridgit Mendler, Lorde, Bastille, Baywood, Fall Out Boy, The Unlikely Candidates
  • Fun Fact: Zak's initials are Z.A.K
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Dancing in the rain at Parents Weekend Retreat

Recent Alumni

  • 2007
  • Justin Baker
  • Matthew Busick
  • Mark Dunn
  • Ryan Hickey
  • Tory Nelson
  • Lexi Newman
  • Joe Samel
  • Nat Zingg
  • 2006
  • Nika Hasegawa
  • Aaron Lambert
  • 2005
  • Eve Fairbanks
  • Elliot Greenberger
  • Whitney Grolig
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  • Anne Leone
  • Dave Lerman
  • Ting-Ting Liang
  • Ben Lindy
  • Derrick McBride
  • Tommy Ogletree

Timmy We're His Biggest Pham


Business Manager


  • Clip: Walking in Memphis
  • Year: Morse 2013
  • Major: Anthropology
  • Hometown: Kent, WA
  • Positions: Business Manager '11-'12
  • Interests: musicals, Relay for Life, Youtube videos, chocolate pudding
  • Favorite Music: The Beatles, Tracy Chapman, Joshua Radin, Jenny Lewis, Auto-tune the News
  • Fun Fact: He once broke his nose on his knee while running off of a diving board.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Staying up late and causing a ruckus in the basement of the Hillel House at Northwestern University. Sumo wrestling has moved to a whole new level.

Steph -initely Fierce Brandon



  • Clip: Ain't No Way
  • Year: Morse 2013
  • Major: Applied Horticulture
  • Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
  • Positions: Performance Director '11-'12, Winter Tour Manager '11, Spring Tour Manager '11, Head Rush Manager '10
  • Interests: Singing, acting, pork fried rice
  • Favorite Music: Blue-eyed soul, belting divas, and everything in between
  • Fun Fact: In the third grade, she punched a boy in the face for throwing the balloon from her static electricity science fair project in the garbage.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Spontaneously bursting into song with Mixed Co in front of the Spanish Steps in Rome, soon after participating in a heated screaming match with a guy trying to sell Chloe flowers during a conversation we were having. Rude.

Kyle Didn't Start the Fire Clark



  • Clip: Two Points for Honesty
  • Year: Branford 2013
  • Major: Applied Physics
  • Hometown: North Bend, WA
  • Positions: Assistant Musical Director '10-'11, Winter Tour Manager '11, Rush Manager '10
  • Interests: Theatre, music, physics and all the other cliches expected of an a cappella singing applied physics major. He also enjoys skydiving, useless acrobatics, and underwater basket weaving.
  • Favorite Music: That one great song that's always playing on the radio. That other great song that's at all the parties and that one guy everyone likes.
  • Fun Fact: Kyle once lit a river on fire.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Cooking unconventional cuisine with Steph and Maeve in Greece.

Jake All Roads Lead to Iv- Eliasberg



  • Clip: Someone Like You
  • Year: Trumbull 2013
  • Major: Agrarian Studies
  • Hometown: San Diego, CA
  • Positions: Head Int'l Tour Manager '12, Rush Manager '10, Head Winter Tour Manager '10
  • Interests: Eating potatoes in any cooked form, San Diego Chargers, seeing shows before they make it Broadway, Friends, water skiing
  • Favorite Music: Adele, Sara Barielles, Nicole Scherzinger, Carolina Liar
  • Fun Fact: Jake is the most gullible person ever. Steph often tricks Jake, so much in fact that she knows that she cannot let her pranks go on for more than a couple seconds for she fears he will cry.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Bonding with Mixed Co over our love of Ivy Noodle and our countless nights that end there. His favorite fortune is "Learn Chinese Beef!"

Ian Rose from the Graves



  • Clip: Soulshine
  • Year: Jonathan Edwards 2013
  • Major: Music
  • Hometown: Belmont, MA
  • Positions: Assistant Musical Director '11-12, Winter Tour Manager '11, Rush Manager '11, Webmaster '10-'11, Winter Tour Manager '10
  • Interests: live music, breakfast sandwiches, rowing, art and architecture, beer, Yale, Boston sports
  • Favorite Music: Country to Classical
  • Fun Fact: Has crashed a wedding
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Bowling shirts night 2011

Christopher mein Reisefuhrer ist SMOKIN' Murray



  • Clip: Let It Be
  • Year: Branford 2013
  • Major: Lumberjacking
  • Hometown: Hinsdale, IL
  • Positions: Head Spring Tour Manager '11, Int'l Tour Manager '11, Alumni Coordinator '11-'12
  • Interests: Tennis, skiing, classical guitar, foreign languages, travel, pasta, things that fly
  • Favorite Music: Anything but rap
  • Fun Fact: Chris went to Toad's for the first time with his parents!
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: The insanity of the soccer fans at the Lazio-Bari soccer match in Rome.

Maeve -y She's Born with It Ricaurte



  • Clip: Prayer
  • Year: Silliman 2013
  • Major: Italian
  • Hometown: Howard County (Hoco!), MD
  • Positions: Int'l Tour Manager '12, Spring Tour Manager '11, Historian '11-'12, Rush Manager '10
  • Interests: Mixed Co, the great outdoors, pretzels
  • Favorite Music: Michael-J, J-Mraz, and smooth jazz
  • Fun Fact: Maeve goes through as many pieces of Orbit gum a day as the average nicotine addict does cigarettes.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Cooking bull testicles in Greece.

David Shaken Not Stirred Martinez



  • Clip: Teenage Dream
  • Year: Morse 2012+1 (Whiffs 2012)
  • Major: Economics & Political Science
  • Hometown: Upland, CA
  • Positions: Asst. Business Manager '09-'10, Alumni Coordinator/Historian '09-'11, Int'l Tour Manager '10, Summer Tour Manager '10, Business Manager '10-'11
  • Interests: Performing, swimming, football, tennis, biotechnology, Queer Theory
  • Favorite Music: Frank Ocean, Robyn, TNGHT, Mika, Esperanza Spalding, Kesha, Solange, Grimes, Beyoncé, Janelle Monae, M.I.A., Nicki Minaj
  • Fun Fact: He dislikes artificial cheese flavoring, artificial chocolate flavoring, and artificial grass.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: 1) Rush Retreat '10: Finishing the cucumber when no one else could. 2) Loving the drook.

Sam Magnetic to the Estro- Genecin



  • Clip: O Danny Boy
  • Year: Branford 2014
  • Major: Economics
  • Hometown: New Haven, CT
  • Positions: Summer Tour Manager '11
  • Interests: Cereal, decency, Chinese food, opera, ambiguity, 8+ hours of sleep
  • Favorite Music: Mozart, Rossini, Brahms
  • Fun Fact: Sam wants to someday run a cereal empire.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Being in the audience when Esther fell off the stage.

Chloe 500 Days of Sarbib



  • Clip: If I Were a Boy
  • Year: Saybrook 2012 (Whim 2012)
  • Major: Ichtheology & Gambling Studies
  • Hometown: Washington, DC
  • Positions: Album Producer '11, Winter Tour Manager '11
  • Interests: Film writing, Chipotle, Sandra the hairdresser, Arrested Development, peanut M&Ms
  • Favorite Music: Sufjan Stevens, The Harlem Shakes, Bedouin Soundclash, The Weepies, The Smiths
  • Fun Fact: Chloe is not from New York.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Staring at the thermostat in Jake's house for an hour waiting for the hot tub to hit 100 degrees.

Yael Lift Every Voice and Zinkow



  • Clip: Those Magic Changes
  • Year: Saybrook 2012 (Whim 2012)
  • Major: Psychology
  • Hometown: Bexley, OH
  • Positions: Rush Manager '09, Summer Tour Manager '10, Spring Tour Manager '11, Int'l Tour Manager '11, Performance Director '10-'11
  • Interests: Telling (and repeating) stories, the Minnesota Vikings, Broadway, mac and cheese, classic Nickelodeon, Arrested Development
  • Favorite Music: Broadway, Christmas music, The Beach Boys, Mika, Queen, Newsies soundtrack, That Thing You Do soundtrack
  • Fun Fact: 'Yael' means mountain goat... and is also an anagram for Yale. She knows.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Playing Allison's Next Top Model on Spring tour. She won. Ask Allison.

Elizabeth Whirling Dervan



  • Clip: I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)
  • Year: Silliman 2012 (Whim 2012)
  • Major: History of Science, History of Medicine
  • Hometown: Pasadena, CA
  • Positions: Head Rush Manager '09, Tour Manager '10, Asst. Business Manager '10-'11, Head Int'l Tour Manager '11
  • Interests: Musical theater, love stories, froyo-world, and color-coding everything
  • Favorite Music: The National, Radiohead, Regina Spektor, Death Cab for Cutie, The Weepies, The Arcade Fire
  • Fun Fact: Carole King is her distant cousin.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Finding out that she and Yael were not going to stay in the sketchtastic Roman hostel anymore because David had found them a homestay...an apartment above a Roman palace.

Esther Single As- Hyun



  • Clip: Taking Chances
  • Year: Branford 2012 (Whim 2012)
  • Major: Literature
  • Hometown: Seoul, South Korea; Fargo, ND; Columbus, GA; Bellingham, WA
  • Positions: Assistant Pitch '09-'10, Tour Manager '10, International Tour Manager '10, Pitchpipe '10-'11
  • Interests: Love. And happiness. And piano.
  • Favorite Music: Good pop from all spectrums
  • Fun Fact: Bubba Dubba Kubba De Bubba de bubba Kubba Dubba - vowels + emphasized consonants = beatboxing.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Falling off the stage while soloing on One Fine Day at a gig... This happened twice.

Sei Young and Hip Pyo



  • Clip: Seasons of Love
  • Year: Morse 2011 (Whim 2011)
  • Major: Political Science
  • Hometown: Seoul, Korea & Manila, Philippines
  • Positions: Rush Manager '08, Tour Manager '09, Pitchpipe '09-'10
  • Interests: Coffee ice cream, running, snow
  • Favorite Music: Coldplay, Death Cab for Cutie, Frou Frou, Incubus, Iron & Wine, Radiohead, Rent
  • Fun Fact: She can probably kick your butt in Mario Kart.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: When she went to Wisconsin after a long day of roller coaster rides and ate dinner at the Oasis, the best rest stop ever, with Team Six Flags on Chicago tour.

Eric That's Why We Keep Him A- Randall



  • Clip: Leavin's Not the Only Way to Go
  • Year: Davenport 2011
  • Major: History
  • Hometown: Hingham, MA
  • Positions: Rush Manager '08, Tour Manager '09, Asst. Business Manager '08-'09, Head Int'l Tour Manager '10
  • Interests: TV marathons, piano, losing Jeopardy to the people on TV
  • Favorite Music: Dispatch, Elton John, The Fray, Jack Johnson, James Taylor, John Mayer, Matchbox 20
  • Fun Fact: He was once asthmatic, but he shook it off like a common cold at the age of three. It's because he's hardcore.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Going to Magic Kingdom and having all his dreams come true, unlike the dreams of team MGM Studios.

Daniel Stylin' Spector



  • Clip: Mandolin Moon
  • Year: Saybrook 2011+1 (Whiffs 2011)
  • Major: Computing and the Arts
  • Hometown: Weston, MA
  • Positions: Rush Manager '09, Webmaster '09-'10, Head Tour Manager '10
  • Interests: My band, playing guitar, skiing, fried food
  • Favorite Music: John Mayer, Something Corporate, Nickel Creek
  • Fun Fact: Dan played classical cello for 15 years - and didn't sing until college.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Singing karaoke at Jon Wu's restaurant in California, where Mixed Co got rickrolled by the karaoke machine.

Gabriella -gant Clapper Tortorello



  • Clip: Stars and the Moon
  • Year: Jonathan Edwards 2011 (Whim 2011)
  • Major: Art History
  • Hometown: Westchester, NY
  • Positions: Rush Manager '09, Tour Manager '09
  • Interests: Baking, opera, disney movies, Audrey Hepburn, Italy
  • Favorite Music: Schumann, Bach, Ravel, Radiohead, Incubus, Band of Horses, The National, Muse, various musical theater
  • Fun Fact: Though she looks innocent, Gabriella can make the most terrifying dinosaur scream you've ever heard.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Spending her birthday with Mixed Company and her old chorus at her high school in New York.

Sabrina Peaches and Karim



  • Clip: Trouble Sleeping
  • Year: Branford 2011
  • Major: Cognitive Science
  • Hometown: London, Canada
  • Positions: Tour Manager '09, Performance Director '08-'09, Business Manager '09-'10
  • Interests: Having fun with friendlies, traveling, making s'mores and funfetti cakes, High School Musical
  • Favorite Music: Coldplay, Backstreet Boys, Regina Spektor, Ben Folds, Norah Jones, DMB, Imogen Heap, Frou Frou
  • Fun Fact: She's a fiend for gummy candy!
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: McKay's last night at Yale, when all of Mixed Co laid out on blankets on Old Campus until 4 am and sang along to our favorite songs while Dan played guitar.

Allison Singapore Unfortunate Bruff



  • Clip: Shadowland
  • Year: Branford 2010 (Whim 2010)
  • Major: Biology
  • Hometown: Bloomfield, CT
  • Positions: Business Manager '07-'09
  • Interests: Singing, baking, reading
  • Favorite Music: Celine Dion
  • Fun Fact: She cries at the end of The Little Mermaid every time because Ariel is leaving her father.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Belting "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" and the rest of the Dreamgirls soundtrack in the Car of Dreams on California tour.

Ted Let My People Go Gibson



  • Clip: Mona Lisa
  • Year: 2010
  • Major: Applied Math
  • Hometown: Watchung, NJ
  • Positions: Rush Manager '07, Tour Manager '08, Tour Manager '09, Album Producer '09
  • Interests: Singing, acting, football
  • Favorite Music: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, John Legend, Coldplay, Billy Joel, Elton John
  • Fun Fact: Ted was the captain of his high school football team. A football player in an a cappella group. Really.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Knowing he should have been studying for his four finals two days ahead of time, but going to the Yankees-Mariners game with half of Mixed Co anyway.

Scott Hi Ho Hillier



  • Clip: Someone to Fall Back On
  • Year: 2010+1 (Whiffs 2010)
  • Major: Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  • Hometown: Nevada, MO
  • Positions: Pitchpipe '08-'09
  • Interests: Cat Deeley, Silliman College, Au Bon Pain, talking, college football, theaters, Banana Republic, mashed potatoes
  • Favorite Music: A Fine Frenzy, Maria Mena, Kings of Leon, The Carpenters, and the Big Five
  • Fun Fact: He has the softest hair in the whole world.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: The time he gave a girl hives in Florida. Ask him about it.

Ian Like a Vir- Janer



  • Clip: Two Points for Honesty
  • Year: 2010+1 (Whiffs 2010)
  • Major: Architecture
  • Hometown: New York, NY
  • Positions: Webmaster '07-'09, Alumni Coordinator '07-'09, Rush Manager '08
  • Interests: Musical theater, visual art
  • Favorite Music: Rent, the new Kelly Clarkson album, and plenty more... oh, and Mixed Co.
  • Fun Fact: For a while, Ian had a cat named Blob. It weighed twenty pounds.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: When Scott dressed up as Bald Britney for Halloween.

Allyson Take Her or Lieberman



  • Clip: Turn Me On
  • Year: Saybrook 2010 (Whim 2010)
  • Major: Biophysics & Biochemistry
  • Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
  • Positions: Rush Manager '07, Tour Manager '08, Asst. Pitch '08-'09, Tour Manager '09
  • Interests: Golf, singing in the car, DDR, musicals, dorkiness
  • Favorite Music: Basically all her Dad's music. And indie. And show tunes.
  • Fun Fact: Allyson is a world-level competitor on both Jeopardy and competitive spelling.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: When, singing on the street in California, the guys and girls switched solos and one passerby fell over herself because she was too busy watching Ian sing to look where she was going.

Chaka Boom Jaliwa



  • Clip: Walking in Memphis
  • Year: Branford 2011
  • Major: Computing and the Arts
  • Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
  • Positions: Winter Tour Manager '08, Winter Tour Manager '09
  • Interests: Every IM Sport
  • Favorite Music: Anything but country.
  • Fun Fact: Seriously. He really, really likes IM sports.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Dominating two super large buffalo chicken calzones from two different Massachusetts restaurants, thereby reaffirming his captaincy of Team Eat.

Julian Plays Ball Like a Prokopetz

julian prokopetz
  • Year: Ezra Stiles 2009 (Whiffs 2009)
  • Major: Political Science
  • Hometown: Winnipeg, Canada
  • Positions: Rush Manager '06, Music Director '07-'08, Spring Tour Manager '07, Spring Tour Manager '08
  • Interests: Penguins, nonce words, expressive facial contortions, saving the planet but not neccessarily all the people living on it.
  • Favorite Music: Show tunes, Motown, classic rock, classical, and anything sung by a blasty woman.
  • Fun Fact: Due to his involvement in a glam rock musical in 2006, Julian will never be able to eradicate traces of glitter from his personal belongings.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Finishing a concert in New Jersey only to be mobbed by an army of children begging us to autograph their notebooks, lunchboxes, hands, and faces.

Stephanie Homeword Bound Chan

stephanie chan
  • Year: Davenport 2009
  • Major: Psychology
  • Hometown: Glendale, CA
  • Positions: Business Manager '06-'07, Winter Tour Manager '07, Rush Manager '07, Assistant Pitch '07-'08, Summer Tour Manager '08
  • Interests: Knitting hats, following competitive ice-skating, making dream-catcher earrings, attempting roundoff-back-handsprings, kicking ass in foozball
  • Favorite Music: Frank Sinatra, Debussy, Juanes, Rilo Kiley, musical theater, oldies (motown!) and late 90's anything
  • Fun Fact: In 2004, Steph was the second-runner up in the North American Miss Pageant. In the process of getting there, she walked precariously down runways in three inch heels and answered questions such as, "If your life were a board game, which one would it be and why?" Ask her which one she chose.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Learning and perfecting High School Musical choreography (DVD extra!) with ABruff and Chaka on tour in California, winter 2007. Dancer Jenny Baik will never forgive us.

Jenny Fall-Ow! Through Baik

  • Year: Trumbull 2009
  • Major: English & Psychology
  • Hometown: Brea, California
  • Positions: Business Manager '06-'07, Winter Tour Manager '07, Assistant Business Manager '07-'08, Winter Tour Manager '08
  • Interests: Dancing, shopping, cooking (especially baking), sushi, organic foods, NOT sleeping, organizing things compulsively, beluga whales, perms
  • Favorite Music: John Mayer, Alanis Morissette, Gavin DeGraw, John Legend, ABBA, Corinne Bailey Rae, Robyn (the 90's = a great era for girly pop)
  • Fun Fact: Jenny spent her tap night running around in stilletos and a mini skirt. The sprint to Davenport (to tap Jess B!) was kind of painful, but she was too happy about joining Mixed Co to care about her blistered feet.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Spending a day on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. Mixed Co went vineyard-hopping, and during one particularly long yet scenic romp across the island, Tyce and Stro managed to finish off an entire bottle of rosé by themselves. Their faces became redder and redder as we went along, and their pace got slower and slower. Good thing the rest of us were in good spirits and found the whole situation amusing. Great views, great beaches, great wine, great (albeit, slightly tipsy) company.. how could you not be in a fabulous mood in such an idyllic place?

Meg Texes Hold'em Holden

  • Year: Morse 2009
  • Major: Political Science
  • Hometown: Georgetown, TX
  • Positions: Rush Manager '06, Spring Tour Manager '07, Spring Tour Manager '08
  • Interests: Mexican food, summer camp, family, ice cream, musicals, cows, being stealthy
  • Favorite Music: Fiona Apple, Ani Difranco, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Elliott Smith, Jay-Z, show tunes
  • Fun Fact: Meg is "studying" abroad in Madrid this semester but plans on performing with the Gump via webcam.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Getting asked for her number during Q & A after serenading a high schooler in "One Fine Day."

Tyce Port Authority Walters

  • Year: Pierson 2009
  • Major: Philosophy
  • Hometown: Glencoe, IL
  • Positions: Album Producer '07, Winter Tour Manager '07, Spring Tour Manager '08, Summer Tour Manager '08
  • Interests: Capoeira, magic, and stage-hypnosis
  • Favorite Music: Blues, jazz, post-rock, folk
  • Fun Fact: Tyce will never be seen without a bottle of port and the New York Review of Books.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Walking down the road in New Zealand from one wine tasting to another, drinking chilled rosé. Then showing up at the second winery and making fools of ourselves (see Jenny Baik's profile).

Jessica To Infinity And Bian

  • Year: Davenport 2008
  • Major: MCDB & American Studies
  • Hometown: Richland, WA
  • Positions: Winter Tour Manager '07
  • Interests: Musical theatre, classical piano, all-nighters, domestic chores, interstate highways
  • Favorite Music: John Legend, Corinne Bailey Rae, Van Morrison, John Mayer, Rilo Kiley, Aretha Franklin
  • Fun Fact: Ask Jess what she would do with a team of supersonic huskies and a giant crossbow and she'll tell you her fun fact.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: "Road Trip of Dreams": California Winter Tour '07: Getting lost in Pasadena, Long Beach, and everywhere in between; freaking out on Rodeo Drive and "Avenue of the Stars"; Wendy's drive-thru at 1:52 am, and finally making it to Hollywood Blvd to see the real stars!

Esteli Unleash the Beast Gomez

  • Year: Saybrook 2008
  • Major: Music
  • Hometown: Watsonville, CA
  • Positions: Winter Tour Manager '06, Assistant Pitch '05-'06 & '06-'07, Solo Coach '05-'08, Winter Tour Manager '07
  • Interests: Doing as much music as is humanly possible at Yale, listening to music while trying to keep up with that whole academic thing, organic food, playing intense games of (bilingual) scrabble
  • Favorite Music: Jazz (tons of vocal and Art Tatum, Stan Getz, Artie Shaw, Louis Prima & Armstrong), classical (mostly early Renaissance stuff lately), folk/blues (Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Judy Collins, Bessie Smith, John Lee Hooker)
  • Fun Fact: She has double jointed shoulders, ankles, and thumbs.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Singing Zombie Jamboree at home on California tour Winter 04 for her very thrilled parents at about 12am, only to get up at 5am the next morning to drive to San Francisco and sing "One Fine Day" for the elementary school kiddies. That, a million more, and of course tap night.

Jessica TipSAE Poter

  • Year: Calhoun 2008
  • Major: Theater Studies
  • Hometown: Northbrook, IL
  • Positions: Rush Manager '05, Summer Tour Manager '06, Alumni Coordinator '06-'07
  • Interests: Acting, making to do-lists, playing musical theater name-that-tune, shaking what her mother gave her
  • Favorite Music: Show tunes, reggaeton, the soundtrack of Ferngully: The Last Rainforest, cheesy 90's pop, Black Eyed Peas, Linda Eder
  • Fun Fact: Jessica's voice teacher once called her "the most willful child" she had ever met.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Driving down a rural New York state highway on the way from New Haven to Chicago with a sedan full of MixedCo belting Disney songs at the top of their lungs. Coincidentally, this was immediately succeeded by her Worst Gump Memory: getting a $195 speeding ticket because she was in no way paying attention to how fast their car was going. Sometimes Alan Menken gets her a little out of control.

Justin Shake 'n Baker

  • Year: Davenport 2007+1 (Whiffs 2007)
  • Major: History
  • Hometown: Westfield, NY
  • Positions: Business Manager '04-'05 & '05-'06
  • Interests: College football, reading horrible books while maintaining the most pretentious bookshelf possible, Halo 2
  • Favorite Music: Beatles, Ben Folds, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Coldplay
  • Fun Fact: Justin's first performing career was as a ballet dancer, performing in the largest children's production of the Nutcracker in the world at the tender age of six. He is about to become a marine.
  • Favorite Mixed Co Memory: Feasting on KFC and Pizza Hut after spending an entire day on our feet with no food while being given the longest and most thorough tour of Barcelona in the history of the world. Pure bliss.