spring and summer tour pictures
int'l tour 2008 int'l tour 2010 int'l tour 2010 winter tour 2010 int'l tour 2010 int'l tour 2010 at a university known for its outstanding a cappella community, mixed company represents the best yale has to offer. the group boasts incredibly talented singers and the most diverse repertoire on campus, featuring jazz, rock, musical theater, rhythm and blues, and pop.


Sample Tracks

Gumption (2013)

Son of a Preacher Man
Solo: Moriah Rahamim, arr. Spector '11+1
by Dusty Springfield
No Air
Duet: Dayrin Jones and Sonya Prasad, arr. Janer '10+1
by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown
Solo: Tim Creavin, arr. Spector '11+1
by The Rascal Flatts
Solo: Ian Graves, arr. Spector '11+1
by Marc Broussard

Past Recordings

Shadowland (2005)
Solo: Whitney Grolig, arr. Eakeley '00
from the musical Lion King
Two Points for Honesty (2009)
Solo: Ian Janer, arr. Janer '10+1
by Guster
When She Loved Me (2007)
Solo: Esteli Gomez, arr. Gomez '08 and Lambert '06
by Sarah McLachlan
Follow Through (2009)
Solo: Esther Hyun, arr. Blau '97
by the Divinyls

Live Performances

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Winter Tour 2012
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Spring Tour 2012
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Summer Tour 2011
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Chicago & Ohio

Spring Tour 2011
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Winter Tour 2011
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Greece & Rome

Spring Tour 2010
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