spring and summer tour pictures
int'l tour 2008 int'l tour 2010 int'l tour 2010 winter tour 2010 int'l tour 2010 int'l tour 2010 at a university known for its outstanding a cappella community, mixed company represents the best yale has to offer. the group boasts incredibly talented singers and the most diverse repertoire on campus, featuring jazz, rock, musical theater, rhythm and blues, and pop.

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To book performances or request more information about Mixed Company, please contact our business manager Sam Goldstein at 434-987-8113, or e-mail him at samuel.goldstein@yale.edu.

Mixed Company has entertained audiences of all sizes and we would love to sing for you! Our varied repertoire allows us to tailor our performance to your audience; we have selections from Broadway, to pop-rock, to soul, and even oldies. We also teach master classes for school or community groups. If you are in the New England area, it would be our pleasure to perform for you.

Mixed Co with Tony Blair

Mixed Company with Prime Minister Tony Blair, President Richard Levin, and Professor Jane Levin


“ You are very memorable and talented. ”

– Ban Ki-Moon
U.N. Secretary-General

“ All Mixed Company members were personable as well as musically talented and knowledgeable. Thank you so much! I received compliments for several days from both faculty and students for arranging this assembly and workshop. It was worth every penny, and many more! ”

– Cherry Westerman
Slauson Middle School, Ann Arbor MI

“ Their professionalism, both in workshops with young people and in a polished and highly entertaining performance for adults, was impressive. Those who met them commented not only on their talents as musicians, but also on their patient attention when interacting with the students. ”

– Christine McNeal
The British School, Rio de Janeiro

“ By singing in the concert you not only provided much appreciated entertainment, but also supported one of the greatest and most urgent moral causes of the 21st century. ”

– Parna Taylor
Tony Blair Faith Foundation

“ The group did an excellent job of opening the minds and commanding the attention of these elementary and middle school audiences with a combination of musical skill, age-appropriate subject matter, humor, and professional behavior delivered in well-rehearsed ensemble form. ”

– Nick LaFleur
Education Through Music

Press Kit

Click here to download Mixed Co's press kit, which includes promotional materials and sample tracks.

Mixed Company Tours

We are traveling on three tours during the '13/'14 school year, so if you are in any of the following areas, please contact us! Our tours for 2013 are:

Fall Tour (October 2013): New York City
Winter Tour (January 2014): Colorado
Spring Tour (March 2014): Bermuda
Summer Tour (May 2014): Colombia